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University of Ajdabia.

The University of Ijdabia was founded under the name of the University of the oasis sections by a decision of the General People's Committee No. (308) for the year 2000 which came within the framework of the organization of the Libyan universities.
The university's education program continued until the Council of Ministers issued Resolution No. (113) for the year 2014 regarding the accreditation and establishment of a university under the name of the University of Ijdabia. And separated from the University of Benghazi.
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city Ajdabiya

History of the city Ajdabiya
The city of Ajdabia has a very important strategic location, linking the cities of eastern Libya to the west, and linking east and south, west of the city of Benghazi 160 km, and is close to the coast of the sea, and away from the port of Zwaitina only 17 km, and the climate of the city Ajdabia semi-desert, and is located in the south of the reservoir artificial river, about 12 km away from it, a city where the ancient city was inhabited tribe «Nasamounis Νασαμωνε````, one of the most famous Libyan tribes in the province of« Cyrenaica »Cyrenaica` and the most numerous Since before the birth of Christ peace be upon him.
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The Journal of the University of Ajdabia aims to contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge by publishing original scientific research and scientific reviews in the fields of research and studies.


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